A Community of Believers,
called to proclaim Christ
with an emphasis on
true biblical conversion and
comprehensive discipleship.

Statement of Faith Audio Messages 

To listen to the audio messages on your computer, click "Listen" then you click "save" on the window that appears. Windows Media will open and began playing the audio.

To download the audio to your computer so you can create an audio CD that you can listen to in your car, click "download" and save the file to your computer.

Audio #1 - The Triune God, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit                           Listen         Download

Audio #2 - The Bible and Salvation                                                                  Listen         Download

Audio #3 - The Baptism in the Holy Spirit                                                       Listen         Download

Audio #4 - The Security of Believers                                                                Listen         Download

Audio # 5 - The Church,  The Sacraments, and Ministry                             Listen         Download

Audio # 6 - Worship and Financial Giving                                                      Listen         Download

Audio # 7 - Spiritual Gifts Part 1                                                                       Listen         Download

Audio # 8 - Spiritual Gifts Part 2                                                                       Listen         Download